Beth HaShem, Jacob Hawkins, Odessa, TX: Sacred term, Sabbatarianism, keeps Old testament feasts and you will rules getting salvation

Bible Password, Michael Drosnin: Bestselling 1997 book teaches you to definitely prophecies was hidden during the an intricate circle out-of letters and you can conditions in the Old-testament. Drosnin states he attempted to alert Israeli commander Yitzak Rabin from their upcoming murder considering a forecast on the biblical code. The theory try a type of numerology and also certain associations into the Jewish occultism of one’s Kabbalah.

Bible Students: Certain semiautonomous groups you to definitely broke off the Watchtower Bible and you may System Area after Joseph Rutherford took control of the organization. Reprints early site of Watchtower founder Charles Taze Russell also Divine Plan of one’s Decades. Teams all over the country go not as much as individuals labels (e.grams., Fort Value Bible Students, il Bible Children, etcetera.).

Biofeedback: The application of EEG (electroencephalographic) feeback tools observe brain swells and you will body opposition on the purpose of amendment regarding mind waves. Players can learn how to manage cardio pricing otherwise generate attention revolution passion (alpha, beta, and you can delta) from the commonly so you can lead to changed states out-of consciousness. Enhances the capability of relaxation and you can/or inducing meditative states and you can emotional handle exactly like one within the yoga and you can Zen.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: Regardless of if which Indian master was deceased, of a lot followers nevertheless practice his novel style of Hindu beliefs and you may sexual pilates system to achieve enlightenment

Black Mass: A routine for the Satanism you to attempts to negate or profane the fresh Catholic Mass. Black colored candle lights can be used and you will Catholic prayers recited in reverse. Allegedly, this new communion is sometimes performed using peoples bloodstream and you can flesh.

Bloodstream Atonement Doctrine: The belief, t More youthful, that without a doubt sins new bloodstream of Christ will not atone as well as for that sinner’s own blood have to be lost in order to discovered forgiveness (Log out of Discourses, Vol. cuatro, p. 53). No longer trained of the Chapel regarding God Christ away from Latter-go out New orleans saints, the assumption is frequently preached and often practiced by members of Mormon Fundamentalist splinter groups. To this day, Utah allows destined murders to stand performance by shooting squad alternatively than simply tips that don’t lost the newest criminal’s blood, such as for example deadly injections or perhaps the electronic chair.

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B’nai Noah: Twin covenant doctrine, shows Goodness is not necessarily the Saving grace of your own Jews, Gentiles should be keep the Eight Laws off Noah and study the newest Torah (otherwise Old testament) having Jewish Rabbis.

For the perspective, Jesus are talking about a spiritual skills affected from the God because of the fresh Holy Heart (select passages 6-8) to replace a wicked, fallen individual in order to proper experience of Your (get a hold of verses sixteen-21)

Publication regarding Mormon: One of many scriptures or “Important Performs” accepted because of the Church of Goodness Christ off Second-go out Saints or any other sects coming from Joseph Smith, like the Reorganized Church away from Jesus Christ from Latter day New orleans saints and differing Mormon Fundamentalist teams.

Produced Again: Biblical name used to define regeneration (John 3:3-7). Some new Ages supporters teach your title try Christ’s site to reincarnation otherwise rebirthing. Pick Gospel.

Brainwashing: Forced indoctrination using certain ways to end up in a topic so you’re able to abandon first political, social, or religious info or values and you can change those people ideals that have an excellent evaluating trust program. A translation of good Chinese word xinao, “brainwashing” turned into a popular title to describe this new phenomena regarding significant change inside behavior and you can core philosophy that occurred in a number of inmates from combat held from inside the Chinese camps regarding the middle-twentieth century. During the an even more general experience, the term can often be always establish any form away from marketing imagined as unethical one causes a significant and you can negative change in character. Discover Lifton, Robert, Notice Control.