My personnel has an affair that have a married coworker

In any event, white men like Kama women Alex and you can Anna’s private relationships is not necessarily the matter

I am having difficulty choosing the best places to mark the fresh new range between personal company and you can elite group team right here, and I really hope you can weighin which includes suggestions about how much obligation I must get involved with this case.

I am a director on middle-size organization in which I create 10 managers, all of exactly who takes care of anywhere between 10-20 employees. Among executives (I am going to phone call her Anna) try unmarried and you will attractive, and sometimes catches the eye of our very own men customers and even particular associates. She’s always brushed off of the notice quickly possesses never been difficulty. Anna is extremely friendly and her administration style is book into the you to their teams feel totally safe sharing details of their existence they will not always share with the remainder group, however, she is constantly most professional and additionally they nevertheless admiration their unique since their manager. I have constantly admired so it in the their. I am aware firsthand that it can be challenging so you’re able to strike the proper equilibrium, and she always possess until now.

Regarding just last year, another type of manager rented a member of staff (I shall name him Alex) just who seemingly have struck it off that have Anna. It is not happening having Alex and you will Anna, and additionally they are not inside ticket of every policy. In addition, it always function professionally to both at the job. Even if it’s obvious they’ve got struck it off (they’re going off website together for lunch tend to, are constantly in the for each other’s workplaces during peace and quiet, etcetera.), they usually have never ever over whatever by itself create question me personally as the their particular supervisor.

Their jobs are in a fashion that both divisions don’t have to collaborate far (if) professionally, and you may our organization has no coverage up against place of work dating provided that as a manager isn’t a part of someone it watch

Although We currently suspected they certainly were more friends, this was has just confirmed whenever i try which have Anna inside the a beneficial fulfilling. She kept the table, making her phone in plain attention, and i also saw a message away from Alex you to definitely began having, “Hi babe, I am therefore pleased I eventually got to spend nights with my mouth against your personal…” I realized that she has as altered new privacy configurations very that their own messages do not display on her behalf cellular phone, thus maybe she noticed that I would personally seen it, and at the absolute minimum, I understand it’s not going to takes place once more.

The issue here is that we affect see Alex try partnered just like the the guy and his awesome spouse real time down the street away from me personally. The guy never ever wears his wedding band at the office or speaks out-of his spouse and you may college students which i understand they have, and i possess an effective feeling you to definitely Anna doesn’t see. She and i also commonly close sufficient one I would personally feel at ease approaching their own so you’re able to tip their unique off due to the fact “merely a buddy,” neither manage I believe it would be appropriate due to the fact their particular boss. After all, she well may know that is an event and be okay in it, but I must say i, really do not trust this is the instance due to the fact he is become strangely mum about the subject working. (There is also not really any condition in which I will “casually” inquire Alex on his partner in front of Anna either.)

Given that their manager, do you have people suggestions? I care that it can tarnish their unique reputation at your workplace in the event the people discover she engaged in an affair with a wedded people from the their particular office, but is that really my spot to state something? Otherwise can i merely believe that Anna often consider it with the her own? Definitely you will find warning flags. What might you will do?