Lasting Power of Attorney

A lasting power of attorney is a legal document which allows an individual, to appoint a person(s) or a trust corporation gives you someone trust the authority to manage your affairs on your behalf at a later stage.

With the help of LPA attorney will make decisions when you lack of physical or mental capacity to manage own affairs.

There are 3 types of LPA’s:

1. Property and Financial affairs LPA
LPA for handling your property and financial affairs. It gives authority to a chosen person to manage your financial matters, bank accounts, bills and property on your behalf.

2. Health and Welfare LPA
LPA for health and welfare allows a chosen person to make decisions about your healthcare and medical needs.

3. Business LPA
LPA for Business allows a chosen person to make decisions about your Business.

Our legal services provide you with LPA services to secure your financial future. It ensures that someone trustworthy is taking care of your financial affairs and assets, Healthcare and Business.

We guarantee that your LPA is created as per your directions and according to the existing laws. With our professional and expert advice, you can have your LPA made before it is too late.

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