Brand new bottom line statistics of one’s partner’s and wife’s socioeconomic characteristics, matrimony costs, and you will wife’s empowerment is presented inside the Table step 1

step three.2 Marriage methods

Column (1) reports the data to the complete try, and you will line (2) account them into subsample, i.age., wives who possess a minumum of one sister and one sis. The newest sumple was reported just like the many faster-means estimation with a collection of wedding costs repaid on wife’s sisters and you can brothers because of the its respective when you look at the-laws and regulations are only able to be conducted for the subsample. The average age of husbands is 40.6 ages. Husbands, on average, accomplished primary studies (five years), and you will 56% ones is actually literate. The typical ages of spouses was thirty five.8 years. Wives, typically, failed to complete primee properties be the cause of twenty seven% regarding total houses interviewed. An average size of farming belongings per domestic is step 3.24 acres, which have nearly forty% out of properties are landless. Footnote 11 Getting 39% of wives, their beginning village is equivalent to that the husbands, 66% ones try married so you’re able to a sibling, and you will 17% is actually hitched from inside the watta satta (bride to be replace, otherwise practically, “give–take”). Footnote several A few of these try unique top features of relationship when you look at the Punjab, Pakistan. Conversely, the latest northwestern part of India, and additionally Indian Punjab, might have been generally known for hypergamy, whereby spouses was y contrasts which have endogamy and you can relative y once the a few parents organizing watta satta dont technically to see hypergamy at the same date, as they are most likely to get on the same social classification and you can monetary standing. Wife’s natal family members’ household income during relationships was PKR 171,695 Footnote 13 on average. It actually was replied retrospectively because of the wife which will be, thus, more than likely susceptible to bear in mind mistakes like the ones that are throughout the quantity of individual dowry or other relationship expenditures, even in the event money tends to be more comfortable for participants so you’re able to bear in mind in contrast to your own dowry including some items. I observed equivalent jobs to minimize survey recall problems.

Presumably, remembering each and every item of their personal dowries regarding decade before would-be tough

The first a portion of the survey asks husbands regarding their ount. While the dowry is famous to help you incorporate some items that allow flip gennem dette websted an early on few first off its marriage immediately following relationships, we inquired about the value of each product within the dowry. The real real question is “Generally, in your community, to have a household including your very own, what is the estimate worth of for each and every product considering as dowry during the fresh daughter’s matrimony?” We explicitly inquired about dowry since the seen in its community, or jati (= sub-caste), since the we are looking the practice of dowry alone once the really while the personal number of dowry their mothers paid back. The means to fix issue on dowry locally was browsing express perfect details about dowry means. Its respond you will report simply how much they would purchase for every single goods if they are currently in the process of taking a good dowry on the daughter. Regardless, the answer is likely to promote more real measures into itemized value of dowry. The next an element of the survey asks wives regarding their individual dowries and other marriage costs, i.age., “How much dowry (bride-to-be rate) did your mother and father (in-laws) give during the time of your ounts can be used on the head empirical studies. The latest correlation coefficient involving the personal dowry count and area-centered dowry matter try 0.65 (Fig. 3). The city-established dowry amount is higher than the personal dowry number paid back from the wives’ moms and dads, that isn’t surprising because of the alleged increasing pattern on actual number of dowry.