All the time I’m trying to understand what happiness is. It seems to be everything. Husband, two children. I recently fulfilled my dream of my whole life – I bought my own apartment. But there is no satisfaction.

I work a lot, because of this, the children grew up themselves. I regret it hard, but there was no way out. On the other hand, the daughter is also independent, she solves her problems herself, although she is 18 years old. And my parents did not deal with me either.

All that I have in life is only my merit. But why there is no feeling of happiness? Husband, yes, I love, got used to it. However, I feel a constant feeling of loneliness and wild fatigue. In the head, work, work. And I want … what? Don’t know! Help, please, figure it out.

Oksana, why a person generally has a feeling of happiness? When it appears? I think when a person enjoys life.

Happiness sometimes seems to people something big-as if it will cover it right away and will last a long time. But there may be happiness in the little things: in the smile of a child, the gentle words of her husband, a beautiful dress, rest after a difficult job.

Maybe now, when one of the goals has been achieved (your own apartment is purchased), you can afford it? Think about living every minute of life with pleasure, without delaying on “later”, because this “later” in itself will not come. He must be invited.

Perhaps now you have an internal rethinking of values, since 45 years is a time of summing up the intermediate results of life, both for men and women. There is a lot of regret in your letter. Regarding the fact that your parents helped you little, that your children grew up unnoticed, as if by themselves. That, being next to your beloved husband, you feel tired and lonely.

It seems that it’s time to stop for a minute and see what’s wrong. What exactly does not suit you, how can you change this, so as not to put off your life.

You might think about work: she is constantly in my head, because you like you? If you get tired, can you make work less? Reflect on relationships with your husband: what does he think that you work a lot and do not feel happy? Is he happy? You bought this apartment for yourself? Or still together?

Your children – do they need help now? If the daughter decides everything herself, this does not mean that she does not need your support. Maybe she’s just so used to it as you are in due time.

Review the usual. Choose from it what gives you pleasure, what is pleasant. And think about how to replace what is interfering, tiring and annoying.