The film and omits a special element of Spartan area, titled the main role you to homosexuality starred in it

The guy as well as derides the Athenians while the ‘boy-lovers’, conveniently forgetting that all away from his troops might have fallen to your one to exact same classification

Spartan boys had been, like many Greek boys, likely to function homosexual relationship having old guys, and Xenophon claims you to Spartan troops got male people, despite the fact that hated the practice of some communities, such as for example Thebes, whom planned its elite armed forces up to sets from partners. For Greeks, encouraging sexual relationships between troops created that they perform endeavor more complicated in order to allure and you will protect its partners.

Leonidas is clearly upright; the guy will get particular comfortable pillow-chat to Gorgo and you may thinks about their own human body when he contemplates distribution so you’re able to Xerxes (just who demonstrably got their freak on the a long time ago and you will never ever featured straight back).

One other way that the movie drastically betrays the new Spartan heart was within its remedy for Dilios (David Wenham), exactly who will lose a watch assaulting and is repaid to help you Sparta till the finally competition. He’s the only real survivor (regarding a combat well-known truthfully because of its diminished survivors) and the narrator of your flick. On film’s terms and conditions, their dismissal in the military enables him to present Leonidas’ like so you’re able to Gorgo and you will, the following year, to lead a giant armed forces of Greeks in order to win along side Persians within race of Plataea.

But which ignores that Spartan community experienced making a great competition otherwise staying in defeat an indication of total cowardice and you can ethical worthlessness. This new poetry away from Tyrtaeus regarding Sparta dwells at length on the requirement for perishing when you look at the battle, heading as far as to explain it as “beautiful” (such as for example, no less than, is one way to help you change the brand new Greek agathos); a guy whom flees race are affected societal humiliation and you will poverty and be missing shortly after dying. Plutarch account popular stories where Spartan mothers refute sons whom endure fights in which Sparta are beaten; in lot of instances the brand new mothers go as far as in order to kill cowardly sons. According to him, Spartan parents give its departing sons to go back with regards to safeguards (that’s, victorious) otherwise on them (that is, getting continuous the new protect because the a stretcher); going back without having any protect is indicative your guy put away his protect so he may flee reduced.

In the place of getting offered best Guayaquil wife order to be able to avenge the Spartan deceased, Dilios might have been ridiculed, and his awesome own mom would have tried to destroy him. As well as the film is aware of that it; Gorgo tells Leonidas to go back together with his shield or on it. So once again, the film tends to make a tv series from claiming some thing immediately after which doing something totally different when following rules perform disturb brand new facts.

But Zack Snyder most likely realized that presenting a ring regarding manly beefcake warriors groping each other throughout the holiday breaks regarding attacking manage maybe not gamble so well to the fan-boys and you will young people his flick is actually geared towards, therefore as an alternative the guy overlooks that and even offers alternatively mainly chaste and you can presumably heterosexual guys

In reality, Dilios is actually a real person. Their genuine title are Aristodemus, in which he and something people, Eurytus, sustained eyes troubles at the Thermopylae (Herodotus phone calls they a sickness of vision, but maybe the guy form a wound). Leonidas bought them to go home, however, Eurytus refuted and you will fought though blind. Aristodemus, although not, obeyed Leonidas; this is why, Herodotus informs us he had been labeled good coward, and you will men would not communicate with your or promote him an excellent white having their flame. A third Spartan, Pantites, as well as lasted given that he had been delivered somewhere just like the a beneficial messenger and you will didn’t go back to Thermopylae with time. The guy hanged themselves.