The word bluey inside Australian English has actually various definitions

The most famous is the swag (i.e. new collection of assets and you will daily necessaries carried because of the a guy take a trip, always by walking, on the plant) so named while the outer covering of swag was typically a blue blanket (and this is titled an excellent bluey).

There clearly was the new everlasting swaggie together with bluey into the their straight back exactly who is striking-out having sunset towards the Never ever-never ever track. W.T. Goodge, Moves! Skits! and you can Jingles

An excellent swaggie out of the blue looked outside of the plant, unshaven, with insane, haunted sight, their bluey and billycan on his right back. Grams. Mix, George and you will Widda-Woman (1981)

You to definitely bluey try after transferred to baggage typically, could very well be no wonder when you look at the a metropolitan people hence romanticises the ‘bush’ culture:

The first research to have bluey due to the fact a great swag was away from 1878 where in actuality the bluey is humped whilst is from the itinerant plant employee tramping the fresh new wallaby tune planned out of writers such as for instance Henry Lawson and you will Banjo Paterson

a crude overcoat out of bluish-grey woollen, becoming donned by the individuals creating backyard works during bad weather. Canberra Minutes (19 Nov. 1982).

The term has been used so you can signify a different sort of items off clothes – denim working jeans otherwise overalls – although pass facts implies (the past solution becoming 1950) that this utilize no longer is current.

Even more familiar ‘s the access to bluey to spell it out a beneficial summons, specifically for a website traffic offence (to start with posted into blue paper):

Even the really Australian access to bluey is the curious play with of it to describe a yellow-went person (basic filed inside the 1906):

1936 A beneficial.B. Paterson, Shearer’s Colt: ‘Bluey’, because group called him, had located a different champion. (All red-haired guys are entitled ‘Bluey’ around australia somehow or other.)

1978 Roentgen.H. Conquest, Dusty Distances: I then found out after which he try a native of brand new Southern area Wales, named ‘ Bluey on account of his purple tresses – typical Australian reason.

A more exact accessibility bluey during the Australian English are its app so you can fauna whose brands focus on blue and you can that’s mostly bluish inside the colour:

1961 Bulletin 31 Get: We call them blue martins. Ornithologists refer to them as particular types of wood swallow. These are typically every ‘blueys’ so you can united states.

There’s two sensory faculties of your own term bodgie inside Australian English, each other probably deriving out-of an earlier (today outdated) keyword bodger.

The brand new obsolete bodger most likely derives away from British dialect bodge ‘to works clumsily’. In the Australian English in the 1940s and you can 1950s bodger required: ‘Something (otherwise sporadically someone) which is fake, not true, or worthless’. The latest noun has also been used adjectivally. Normal spends:

1966 S. Baker, The fresh new Australian Language: An earlier underworld and you can Military accessibility bodger getting some thing faked, worthless otherwise shoddy. For example, a good faked bill or not the case name.. was an excellent bodger; very was a poor little bit of question sold because of the a doorway-to-home hawker.

1975 Latch & Hitchings, Mr X: To stop people suspicions however if these people were acquired from the the fresh Transport Controls Panel, it actually was felt like.. to take a beneficial ‘bodgy’ receipt on tyres with these people.

1978 O. Light, Hushed Started to: That it stack try sizzling hot – otherwise why did they give it a one-coating squirt job along the new light duco and you can correct it which have bodgie matter plates?

On the 1950s another type of sense of bodgie emerged. The term was utilized to describe a male youth, prominent because of the his conformity to specific fashions away from top and you can larrikin behaviour; analogous towards Uk ‘teddy boy’:

1950 Week-end Telegraph (Sydney) belgian women for american men 7 May: The latest bizarre consistent of one’s ‘bodgey’ – belted velvet wire jacket, brilliant blue activities coat instead a tie, brown pants narrowed on foot, shaggy Cornel Wilde haircut.

1951 Quarterly report Morning Herald 1 February: What with ‘bodgies’ increasing hair enough time and getting around during the satin shirts, and you will ‘weegies’ [look for widgie] cutting their head of hair small and you may sporting pants, misunderstandings appears to be become developing regarding sex of a few Australian adolescents.